IMN - About Our Company

IMN - About Our Company

It started with a simple idea

Email newsletters – custom, content-rich newsletters designed to help savvy companies engage and interact with their best prospects and customers.

Since 1999, IMN has been providing interactive email and newsletter services to marketers across a variety of industries. Not just newsletters, but truly effective, engaging vehicles for branding, educating and moving consumers through the buying process.

Email marketing is a crowded field; it was in 1999 and continues to be today. Not surprising that the Content Institute's recent study -- the 2012 Digital Content Marketing Survey -- identified newsletters, along with social media as the top two forms of content for driving results.

Beyond Tools

Recognizing the need for a full digital marketing service combining expertly-written content, next generation publishing and distribution capabilities and behavioral analytics, IMN has continued to raise the bar for delivering real engagement and real results.

At IMN, we believe it's about more than the number of emails you send, more than the back-end tools you use. It's about the conversation, customers and prospects engaging with you -- over and over again. It's about communication that is content-driven and highly relevant to gain and maintain their attention. Most of all, it's about consistency - being there connected with clients and prospects in meaningful ways.

If you're serious about your marketing efforts, then talk with us. Our digital marketing services have been proven across 3,000 organizations for over a decade and deliver what you need most – loyal customers. IMN serves clients in the automotive, banking, credit union, technology, direct selling and franchise industries, and we're growing our client list every day.

IMN's service suite includes Loyalty Driver®, a turnkey, content-driven industry specific email newsletter with behavioral targeting; iMakeNews®, a self- service newsletter solution to build deeper engagement; and, Loyalty Driver Premier®, a targeted campaign manager that uniquely combines behavioral data with DMS data to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, increasing sales and service appointments.

IMN is committed to building quality services designed to inform and engage your best prospects and customers and move them through the buying process. We deliver a flexible, reliable platform, expert content and the features and functions that allow you to interact with and understand your audience.

Real engagement, real results. It's what IMN is about.