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IMN - About Our Company

Adapting Your Content to the Visual Age

There's no doubt that we are living in a mobile-first, visual age. While email messaging is a proven way of effectively delivering content, is that content designed with today's audience in mind?

The days of ads featuring large amounts of text are quickly becoming ancient history. Visual content is now the name of the game, meaning content that's heavy on images and that translates well to smart phone and tablet formats, enabling more frequent communications.

The challenge lies in balancing lighter amounts of text with the need to still communicate engaging, useful, relevant offers to your customers. But, with the aid of a marketing partner who can help define and target specific customer demographics for your messages, even campaigns featuring less text will be in the hands of a capable editorial team.

That team can present your brand as a source of actionable insights in as few words as needed – leaving more room for the visual elements that enable both increased audience engagement and smoother translation to mobile platforms.

Attract. Acquire. Engage. It's the battle cry of content marketers everywhere – and they aren't about to cede any ground just because the most effective forms of content marketing are evolving.

Adapting your approach to the visual age may pose some challenges, but it doesn't have to sink your email marketing campaigns. Find a marketing partner who can prioritize visual elements while still hitting your key messages for customers and your campaigns can thrive.