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The Soft Sell: Empowering Consultants with Trustworthy Content

There's a relationship that's key to unlocking success in the direct selling industry: the relationship between your field sales consultants and their prospective customers.

How do you maximize the impact of that relationship? Your consultants must come across as trustworthy, authentic, and independent while still being able to sell on the strength of your brand's reputation.

These are all features emphasized by a soft-selling strategy, and that strategy is perhaps best-realized in a content marketing approach.

Content marketing, such as with an email newsletter service, is inherently a soft-selling tactic: rather than trying to move product by any means possible to meet short-term revenue goals, it is far more concerned with the long-term image and loyal customer base a brand is building.

This is how you empower consultants: equip them with trustworthy, authentic, and engaging content designed to inform, entertain, and, most importantly, communicate offers that will move consumers through the buying cycle.

While it is up to the individual consultant, to an extent, to work a personal touch into every customer interaction, you give them a clear edge when you arm them with content that customers actually want to spend time with.

By focusing your marketing efforts on improving the quality, relevance, and timeliness of your content (thus improving engagement), you advance both the reputation of your brand and the standing of your field consultants in the eyes of prospective customers.

It's a win-win and the bottom-line will see the benefit.