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How Do Distributors Factor Into Content Engagement?

Direct sellers are well-positioned to satisfy today's customers' unique expectations that every experience be tailored to their personal preferences as much as possible.

Tailoring starts with a perfect balance of promotional and editorial content that offers interesting, timely, and relevant messaging to your subscribers. The extra advantage for direct sellers, however, is the social component inherent to this industry – your distributors have the ability to blur the lines between the professional and personal.

This ability provides an opening for your content to achieve a genuine connection with your subscribers. By demonstrating a combined interest in your subscribers' personal expectations and a quality blend of lifestyle and entertainment content, you familiarize your brand with customers and empower your distributors on the ground.

How exactly does that work? By imbuing your brand and its value proposition with authenticity, your distributors become messengers that your potential customers look forward to seeing and hearing from.

It's true that the cornerstone of this approach remains the messaging that communicates your value in a manner that engages readers.

But, your distributors complete the equation. Their personal touch takes subscriber engagement to the next level – a level reached when your customers develop genuine connections with your distributors, the faces of your brand.

That's how your brand establishes a lasting connection built on real trust: by turning distributors into reliable resources and, eventually, friends.