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IMN Study Reveals Banking and Financial Services Marketers Struggle to Integrate Content Marketing Efforts With Compliance

Waltham, Mass. – Oct. 8, 2014 – Digital marketing company IMN recently announced the results of its Annual Content Marketing Survey to gauge how effectively marketing professionals use content marketing. The results included specific concerns of banking and financial services marketers with their content marketing programs.

IMN's survey revealed that 45 percent of banking and financial services marketers haven't developed a content marketing program and are "winging it" with their content. Plus, not all of the 55 percent with a program have mastered content marketing. Only 18 percent have a content strategy in place for each distribution channel.

To put that into context: Only 30 percent of survey respondents overall use an ad-hoc strategy. Of the 70 percent with a defined content marketing program, 30 percent develop content specifically to fit individual distribution methods.

The responses from banking and financial services marketers also revealed that their struggles with content marketing go beyond the fears of the average marketer. The survey confirmed that more than 50 percent worry about trademark, copyright, and citation issues.

"Banking and financial services marketers have additional worries and burdens beyond basic content creation," said Rick Kerr, vice president and general manager, IMN. "They have to juggle regulations set by many regulatory boards, compliance departments, and legal teams. These demands can overwhelm marketers in their content creation and keep marketing teams – especially the small ones – from trying anything beyond traditional marketing strategies."

Kerr noted that many banking and financial services marketers curate outside information or outsource their efforts because of their struggle to create custom content.

An overwhelming majority of respondents – 91 percent – curate some or all of their content. These marketers must pay special attention to correct attribution and citation of content they curate in addition to regulatory compliance.

For 38 percent of marketers, it's easier to outsource their content marketing instead of worrying about compliance and content creation. However, they still must check that their content marketing partner is fully compliant with industry regulations.

Other industry-specific news: Out of the multiple vertical industries surveyed by IMN, banking and financial services is the only vertical that uses open rates for email blasts as the primary measure of success for content marketing programs.

To download the detailed survey report, visit the IMN website (click here).

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