IMN - About Our Company

IMN - About Our Company

IMN E-newsletters Remain Proven Way to Build Loyalty, Drive Sales

Waltham, Massachusetts – Nov. 14, 2016 – For more than 15 years, digital marketing company IMN (iMakeNews Inc.) has been helping businesses build customer loyalty and increase sales through its turnkey email newsletter (e-newsletter) service for the direct selling, finance and insurance, and franchise markets.

"The IMN team has deep experience in creating professionally written, relevant, and engaging content that is tailored to an audience's interests," said Rick Kerr, vice president and general manager of IMN. "When that content is delivered to readers through IMN's e-newsletter platform, businesses gain actionable insights that enable them to track readership and know what drives their customers through the sales process."

Kerr noted these specific benefits for the different markets IMN serves:

Direct sellers indicate IMN e-newsletters help them stay top of mind with their customer base and retain more customers through regularly scheduled communications. They also are able to send engaging product offers that generate new sales from clients who read the e-newsletter, but who have not recently engaged with the seller. As a result, direct sellers are able to increase party bookings, add new recruits to their teams, and increase sales.

IMN's banking and insurance customers note the e-newsletter service provides a cost-effective way to deliver high-quality content that meets regulatory and compliance standards. As traditional media and postal mail costs rise, IMN e-newsletters provide a way to communicate electronically with customers to regularly share organizational news, as well as education on relevant topics, such as investment and loan tips, insurance product information, and consumer privacy protection.

Franchise leaders say IMN e-newsletters help their franchisees stay connected with their customers by providing monthly product and service information. They also note IMN's easy-to-use platform allows the franchisor to include consistent messaging through corporate-level content while still giving franchisees the ability to personalize content for their individual communities. Franchisees indicate IMN e-newsletters deliver business results through increased customer engagement.

"Many companies offer an email platform for organizations to place their news and distribute it to their prospect or client lists," said Kerr. "What sets IMN apart is the combination of our technology with our approach to account management. The whole IMN account team is focused on getting to know your business, your goals, and your audience. Together, IMN's e-newsletter service helps businesses effectively and efficiently engage readers, build customer relationships, and drive sales."

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About IMN

IMN (iMakeNews Inc.) is the digital marketing company that delivers email newsletters with branded custom content for the automotive, direct selling, banking and financial services, and franchise industries. For more information, visit, follow on Twitter @loyaltydriver, or connect on the IMN Facebook page.