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The automotive industry relies on brand loyalty and customer recommendations. Success in the industry is based on generating and maintaining those relationships to move vehicles, services and parts. With so many choices available for dealerships to converse with potential buyers – online, print, television, radio and face-to-face – it is also critical that they stay top-of-mind with customers.

IMN's email newsletter and social media services connect with customers and prospects wherever they are online – email, mobile and social media.

Loyalty Driver® for Automotive

Our store has used Loyalty Driver® for nearly 6 years now and we are constantly amazed at the traffic and results we are getting. We've looked at all the other vendors out there and nobody can match the quality and service of IMN.

Joseph F. Hobbs Jr.
Internet & Business Development Manager
Mercedes-Benz of Princeton

Over 1,900 dealerships serious about customer engagement and staying top-of-mind with prospects include Loyalty Driver® email newsletters in their digital marketing mix.


  • Build owner loyalty by providing valuable offers surrounded by engaging and informative content
  • Identify consumers who are in-market each month for sales, service, parts and accessories
  • Drive incremental traffic to all profit centers of your website
  • Increase your SEO ranking with links from the newsletter to your website
  • Measure results by demonstrating which content, offers, and incentives generate sales

Loyalty Driver Premier® for Automotive

Loyalty Driver Premier® takes your newsletter service to the next level. By combining the behavioral data from your IMN newsletter with DMS data, Loyalty Driver Premier ensures you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time...all from a single platform.

Additional Market Intelligence

DMS data and IMN Newsletter behavioral data are combined to ensure the identification of the right recipients for delivery of the right message at the right time. This can be applied to sales and service campaigns.

Customizable Managed Service

Loyalty Driver Premier can be customized to the needs of your dealership with different levels of account management and creative/design support designed to save each dealer time and money.

Automated Campaigns

Loyalty Driver Premier campaigns can be automated and/or triggered (based on both behavioral and DMS data) which means you only have to create them once and the system will do the rest of the work.

Closed-Loop (ROI) Reporting

Loyalty Driver Premier reporting draws on behavioral cues from the newsletter, provides insights on open, click and engagement metrics, and comes full circle through integration with DMS data to show purchases influenced by each specific follow up campaign. It also provides standard reporting metrics to show additional (non-transactional) value (open rate, number of click-throughs, etc...)