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IMN - Industries

Loyalty Driver® for Network Marketing

Every day direct selling organizations join together with their distributors to create opportunities and fulfill dreams. Success is based on a shared passion and strong personal relationships. The business goal is to increase recruitment, retention, and sales. The challenge lies in creating excitement and maintaining relationships while protecting your brand and its value proposition.

Loyalty Driver® for Network Marketing (formerly Net Connect®) is the email newsletter solution for network marketing companies that communicate engaging offers and content to customers on behalf of their distributors.

Accelerate Sales with Content-Driven Newsletters

Build relationships and increase sales productivity with the power of exclusive content, social networks, online access and control, as well as audio and video – capabilities not found in most other email newsletter services.

Distributors and customers can easily share newsletter content to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, driving the viral spread of articles and promotions with the click of a button.

A password-protected online portal is your distributor's gateway to their newsletter performance reports, newsletter profile picture, personal message and subscriber management.

Measured Results Delivered Automatically

A full-featured suite of tracking and analytics gives you complete insight into which articles, promotions and products are most popular. These full-featured analytics enable you to conduct comparative analysis both over time and across offers.
Warm Call® reports make it easy for your distributors to target the hottest leads. Each Warm Call report lists the prospects that responded to articles and promotions making it fast and easy to identify sales opportunities.

Reports are emailed to your distributors automatically shortly after an email newsletter campaign. Call scripts are included to turn every call into a sale or a new recruit.

Communicate to the Field

As important as it is to be in touch with customers, it is critical to communicate with your star distributors, too. Use your Loyalty Driver account to deliver email communications to your field about new product announcements, training, reward recognition and so much more.

Use Exclusive Content

Written exclusively for your customer demographic, our professional editors deliver a variety of lifestyle and entertainment content designed to promote further engagement with your subscribers. Strike the perfect balance between promotional and editorial content to send rich, interesting and timely original content that your subscribers look forward to reading each and every month.

Protect Your Brand

Maintain total control over your branding and messaging. Subscribers receive newsletters in compliance with your brand and messaging standards, ensuring that your brand is delivered consistently every time.

Client Services Included

An expert is ready to help you along the way – from building your first email newsletter to distributing Warm Call® reports to your field; our account managers speak your language and deliver. Our team includes veterans of the direct selling industry who understand the unique challenges you face every day, and we will continually help you optimize your program for long term success.