IMN - Industries

IMN - Industries

Finance and Insurance

Advertising, promoting, and selling financial products and services is more complex than the marketing of consumer goods and services. The environment for financial services is more competitive, nuanced and compliance-oriented, making your marketing efforts even more challenging.

Designing communications for complex products that hold consumer attention and inspire action requires the assistance of a trusted, experienced partner.

Loyalty Driver®

Loyalty Driver® is the financial industry's smart choice for content-driven email newsletters. For institutions looking to easily communicate engaging offers and content to their customers on behalf of their agents, bank branches, credit union locations and advisers, IMN is the clear market leader.

Benefits for the organization:

  • Turnkey solution – saving time and money
  • Consistent controlled branding and messaging, and ensured regulatory compliance
  • Custom content, localized for your customer audience
  • Build excitement for new products with exclusive content, offers and video
  • Increase agent/adviser efficiency and sales with online access to newsletter customization tools
  • A separate account for corporate-to-field communication – reward recognition, training, product updates
  • Fully measured results, analytics

Benefits for your field agents and branch locations:

  • Easily identify new sales and service opportunities with automatic Warm Call® reports
  • Effortlessly keep relationships loyal and strong with customers and prospects
  • Customers can connect directly for fast service response
  • Custom relevant content, localized for your customer audience
  • Build excitement for new products with promotional offers
  • Easily share newsletter content on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more