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As a franchisor, your key marketing goals are to maintain the consistency of your brand across your franchisees and retain the loyalty of your customers. Multi-unit franchise organizations face unique challenges delivering a consistent message, identity and offers through individual franchise locations.

Loyalty Driver® for Franchise

Loyalty Driver® for Franchise is the email marketing solution for helping multi-unit franchise brands acquire, retain, and engage customers.

A Solution for Corporate and Local

A consistent brand image is critical for franchisors, but your franchisees need a sense of individuality and a connection to their local communities and customer base. Striking the right balance of consistency and individuality is an IMN specialty. IMN creates a branded email newsletter template that adheres to your corporate branding and messaging specifications, but is flexible so franchisees can add content, such as local promotions, hours and even special events.

Accelerate Sales with Content-Driven Newsletters

Build relationships and increase sales productivity with the power of exclusive content, social networks, online access and control, as well as audio and video – capabilities not found in every email newsletter service.

Franchisees and customers can easily share newsletter content to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, driving the viral spread of articles and promotions with the click of a button.

Content Counts

With a combination of a recurring email newsletters and timed promotional emails, Loyalty Driver's content-driven approach to email marketing helps to cut through the inbox clutter and allows your brand to stand out.

Written exclusively for your customer audience, IMN's editorial team deliver a variety of engaging and relevant lifestyle, entertainment, and specialized content designed to move your best customers and prospects through the decision making process. This quality content mix results in regular readership.

Measured Results Delivered Automatically

Newsletter content is controlled at the corporate level to ensure brand and message consistency across each franchise, the franchisees can choose to personalize it, adding in special events or local promotions.

Courtney Carrasco,
ShelfGenie - Director of Marketing

Backed by a full suite of tracking and analytics, IMN gives you complete insight into which email newsletter articles, promotions, and products are most popular and most impactful with your audience.

When your engaged consumers signal they are in-market for your product and services, your franchisees will be automatically alerted through Warm Call® Reports. Each Warm Call report lists the prospects that responded to articles and promotions, making it fast and easy to identify hot leads and interested prospects. Include your own call script to turn every call into sale.

Communicate to the Field

Franchisors need to stay in regular contact with their franchisees. The Loyalty Driver platform can deliver email communications to the field about new product announcements, training, advertising promotions, reward recognition and so much more.

Client Services Included

A dedicated expert is ready to help you along the way – from building your first email newsletter to distributing Warm Call reports to your local franchisees; your personal account manager speaks your language and delivers results. We understand the franchise industry and we will continually help you optimize your program for long term success.