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Loyalty Driver®

Content-driven Newsletters - Turnkey

Customer retention is key to driving profits and growing your business. In a CMO Council 2011 study quantifying the value of customer loyalty – "Business Gain From How You Retain" - researchers concluded that "acquiring new customers can cost five times more than satisfying and retaining current customers".

For that reason, companies serious about engaging with customers and staying top-of-mind with prospects include email newsletters as a cost-effective addition to their digital marketing mix.

Loyalty Driver® is a turnkey newsletter service that combines industry-specific expertiseoriginal content, and exceptional service with behavioral targeting.

Industry Expertise

With over a decade of experience delivering customer loyalty digital communications, you can be assured that IMN knows your audience and speaks their language.

Loyalty Driver is the proven option for:

Don't see your industry? IMN has a solution for your newsletter needs – iMakeNews®.

Original Content

Loyalty Driver provides engaging articles along with customer-specific promotions that strike the perfect balance between "hard sell" and "soft sell". It's a combination designed to keep you top-of-mind with consumers at that exact moment when they realize they need you, your product, your service. Learn more about how IMN Loyalty Driver leverages original content

Exceptional Service

With an editorial staff consistently turning out timely, informative content, a Client Services group managing the production, optimization and distribution of your newsletters, and an experienced operations staff constantly monitoring and adjusting for deliverability, IMN does the heavy lifting for you. All you need to concentrate on is your company-specific promotional content and growing your audience base. Learn more about IMN's Client Services

Behavioral Targeting

IMN goes beyond the click through and open rate data of traditional email tools. Loyalty Driver combines original and relevant content with behavioral data on your audience, giving you the unique ability to understand when they are in-market for your product and services. You can than quickly and easily create and send additional promotions to those prospects. Learn more about IMN's analytics.