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IMN - Services


Loyalty is what vendors rely upon from their best prospects and customers to keep their businesses running, and they'll work hard to earn it.

Loyalty Driver® is a digital marketing service designed to open the dialogue between businesses and customers, leveraging custom-created content to engage and engender loyalty. Companies of all sizes rely upon Loyalty Driver, the flagship email newsletter service from IMN, to keep the lines of communication open, to educate, engage and entertain consumers.

For companies in the auto, financial, direct selling or franchise industries serious about profitably engaging and building loyalty with customers and prospects, Loyalty Driver is the proven option.

Loyalty Driver Premier® takes your newsletter service to the next level. By combining the behavioral data from your IMN newsletter with DMS data, Loyalty Driver Premier ensures you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time...all from a single platform.

If a managed service isn't your thing, IMN also offers iMakeNews®, a self-service solution for companies looking to build their own newsletters and microsites delivered by email. iMakeNews allows for much deeper engagement and behavior analysis, whether used for creating internal employee or vendor/partner multi-level communications.

It's about building loyalty, delivering real engagement and real results.