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IMN - Services

Loyalty Driver Premier®

Sell Smarter, Not Harder

Loyalty Driver Premier® provides a comprehensive, targeted campaign manager that uniquely combines behavioral data from your IMN newsletter with DMS data to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time...all from a single platform.

Using Loyalty Driver Premier®, we were able to better segment and target prospects yielding extremely high open rates, and generating six figures in new car sales.

Scott Dube
Bill Dube Hyundai

DMS data-driven campaigns

Use DMS data to create targeted campaigns throughout the car owner lifecycle to drive incremental sales and service revenue. Example campaigns include post-sale accessory sales, lease-renewal campaign and extended warranty sales.

Content-driven campaigns

Use DMS + Loyalty Driver® behavioral data to target individual customers based on their car/dealer history and future car interests. For example, find customers via DMS who currently own a minivan, and have read articles about crossover vehicles. Use data to create targeted emails within days of reading the articles, and sell more.

New prospect campaigns

Identify prospects showing purchase intent (newsletter data) that are not current customers (do not appear in DMS data), and target them specifically with incentives to convert them into customers of your dealership.

Multi-touch campaigns

Use behavioral data (who opened but did not transact) from one campaign to re-target these customers two or more times with variants of the same basic offer. Gradually increase communication to keep active prospects engaged.