IMN - Why Choose IMN?

IMN - Why Choose IMN?

Actionable Analytics

Whether it's monthly sales, or leads, or appointments, measuring success across your marketing investments is critical. IMN's Loyalty Driver newsletters are designed to help companies interact with consumers to nourish continuous relationships and drive sales. As such, all reporting has been designed to deliver the granular results you need to identify when customers are in-market, and throughout the purchase cycle.

Identifying the in-market customer

Purchase indicators are embedded throughout your Loyalty Driver® newsletter to help measure interest level of the reader. In the automotive newsletters, IMN uses Buy Signals® that lead consumers to specific pages on your website – coupons or forms to interact with dealers directly from the newsletter.

Similarly, in the direct selling newsletters, IMN provides purchase indicators called Warm Call® reports which provide anytime, anywhere updates on the most promising opportunities and simple one-touch follow-ups via mobile or email. Following the delivery of each newsletter, Warm Call reports are automatically generated and sent to each consultant providing a 360o view of the content of highest interest to readers. Those insights help consultants to target follow-up activities beginning with those who have demonstrated predisposition to take a next step.

Fine-tuning the content

Once your newsletter is sent, IMN's tracking and reporting suite begins analyzing your results. IMN's actionable reports allow you to:

  • Monitor delivery and readership statistics
  • Evaluate response rates
  • Determine trends in article popularity
  • Assess which promotions, topics and products incent measurable customer engagement
  • Provide an overview of all purchase indicators allowing you to segment your audience for next steps

Every newsletter is designed to be an important part of your strategic communication initiatives, and delivering content is only half the story. Ensuring you have actionable insights to power sales performance is what IMN guarantees.