IMN - Why Choose IMN?

IMN - Why Choose IMN?

Client Services – the IMN way

At IMN, we pride ourselves on smart, efficient client service. So, the IMN Client Services mission statement is just as uncomplicated.

The IMN Client Services mission is to represent the highest client service standard within our industry, building dynamic and loyal business relationships around the world.

IMN practices eight guiding principles to earn your trust and confidence:

  1. We respond to you quickly.
  2. We listen to you.
  3. We are reliable.
  4. We help you however we can.
  5. We guide and prepare you.
  6. We communicate honestly.
  7. We recommend best practices.
  8. We optimize your results.

IMN offers a wide-range of service levels for our three service offerings, Loyalty Driver®, Loyalty Driver Premier® and iMakeNews®. Loyalty Driver and Loyalty Driver Premier are managed services that are provided by an IMN account manager, experienced in your industry, to ensure your newsletter and email marketing success. iMakeNews is a self-service solution that includes pre-sales support, implementation and training, as well as ongoing technical support.

We do the heavy lifting

The bottom line is that IMN Client Services is dedicated to the success of your marketing initiatives. Throughout the cycle, we work with you to create, evaluate and refine all your communications through the IMN platform to ensure it's working as hard as possible for you.

If you have a question for our client services team, contact us.