IMN - Why Choose IMN?

IMN - Why Choose IMN?


Every year, vendors publish surveys evaluating the multiple information sources that buyers consult in making purchase plans. While the percentages may vary, peer references or references from friends are always atop the list. Consumers are comfortable taking advice from others they view as having similar needs, similar challenges and similar choices.

We speak your language

That trend becomes very important if you're producing hundreds of newsletters each month, and it's an integral part of IMN's editorial strategy. IMN builds content from peer to peer. Under the direction of IMN's Editorial Director, former editor of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, IMN content is written for and by people within your target industries. All IMN content speaks the language of the industry it serves, because it's written by professionals with domain experience and expertise. Whether writing for direct selling consultants, automotive dealers or financial advisers, we have a team of professionals that relate to your pain points and know how to write content that resonates.

Content Counts

Producing quality relevant content is no easy feat. In fact, IMN has an editorial team comprised on industry experts to produce the most accurate, brand and industry compliant, current content out there. IMN leverages true professionals with domain expertise to build your newsletters each month – not interns or temps, not college students – but true professional writers who have worked in the automotive, financial services, direct selling, franchise and email marketing industries.

To us, it allows us to deliver a higher quality product. For you, it provides the assurance that we can work seamlessly as an extension of your team to address your best prospects and customers. We know your audience. We speak their language. It's an unbeatable combination.